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Massage.. Often the overlooked treatment for Pain.

On a daily basis we see so many people who experience pain.  Pain from Arthritis, FMS, MS, and many more.  Massage helps to bring blood flow back to tissues that have been damaged by disease or injury.  It helps to relieve tight, stiff muscles and give greater mobility.

Give massage a try and your body will thank you for it!


 Overwork, Stress, Diet and lack of exercise cause havoc on our systems.

Our bodies cry out for help the only way it can..


Our bodies do not have a voice that can tell us to STOP when it needs a break.

The results are pain, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, and on and on.

Our body further breaks down and we can get migraines, high blood pressure,

arthritis, fibromyalgia, and _______you fill in the blanks. 

Reducing Stress helps the body heal itself. 

Sherry Musser, LMT 


We are a mother daughter massage team and we enjoy working together.  Most people choose the therapist that they prefer but some people switch back and forth between the two of us.  Either is fine with us.  Stephanie and I specialize in Therapeutic Massage, both are certified in Reflexology as well as Spa Treatments.  Our focus is to meet your massage needs.  Whether your need is for pain relief or just a relaxing massage.  Take the time to help your body get back into balance. 

Graduate of Mountain State School of Therapeutic Massage in Charleston WV

My Specialties are Myofascial and Myoskeletal Massage

My massage journey began in 1996 with a certification in Reflexology

This began my interest and excitement for massage. Then specializing in Therapeutic Massage and  a passion to help people who live with pain.

I studied extensively under Eric Dalton and Tom Myers focusing on body alignment and working with connective tissue

Just for fun I have additional certifications in Spa treatments, Facials, Foot Scrub and Body Wraps

I understand pain.  My life has been very active and with this I have my share of injuries, living the most active life you can as well as proper diet and massage are all keys to good health. 


Stephanie Dunkirk, LMT



Stephanie watched from the sidelines as I studied Massage and Reflexology

She witnessed how people feel better and often regain a life with less pain and greater mobility

This caused her to develop a passion of helping others also.

She began in Reflexology and became certified

and then continued her interest into massage with

Allied Health Institute for Therapeutic Massage

Stephanie specialized in Reflexology at

 WV Wellness Center and Gold's Gym in the Reflexology department for 5 years prior to coming back to Petersburg in 2009

Stephanie saw for herself how Reflexology and Massage benefits the body.  She had not been practicing long and the day after a session the woman ran up to her in excitement saying how she had been constipated for such a long time and how she was relieved from her discomfort..

This was another beginning to her excitement and her journey to helping others live a life of better health. 

We have many overlapping certifications, but a different approach and technique to massage. 



Two massage rooms, Two Massage Therapists. There is also a jacuzzi, far-infarred sauna, a massage chair for massage or reflexology.  We are able to meet your Therapeutic Massage needs.  

Massage for Pain or Relaxing Massage or Spa, you choose




Monday through Friday

Call for your Appointment! 

Sherry    304-668-8300   or   Stephanie    304-261-0356